Next meeting MAY 21st at 3 PM 
Day Rd. Air Field
​​​​​​​or bad weather at the church

One Goal of Fig Tree is to offer the opportunity for other ministries to not only have a place to succeed but have the opportunity to thrive. To that end we are partnering with Clarence Ragland to offer a flying Club (Lockport, NY RC Flyers) to learn to become RC Aviators. 

There is room in th club for all skills and ages just contact us to find out more

 If you are intrested in learning this new skill please feel free to contact us or Clarence Directly by Email 

I was always fascinated with airplanes since I was a youngster. Way back in 1970, I went out to Day Rd to watch the club members fly and I've been hooked on RC airplanes every since. One of the members sold me my first RC airplane and I learned very quickly.  

I saw there was a need for instructors and began teaching and have been ever since. I've been a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics  on and off for over 50 years.  

I had a hobby shop on 58 Locust St. about 10 years ago, then sold it. abc hobby shop I retired from GM in 1998. My main goal is to share this great hobby/sport with everyone.